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At some point almost everyone experiences some of the symptoms of depression. Often we don’t know why at first. It can feel like our shadow self in running our life, and it may show up as a lose of interest in our usual interests or social circle. We might notice that we are more judgemental and critical.
We may feel withdrawn or disconnected from the world, and have less or no motivation for life or work.
In my experience in many cases, depression is often trying to communicate some information that we may or may not already know. Often it can be around a loss or after a negative experience.
Or a reaction to a toxic environment or situation.
Through counselling and psychotherapy we can learn to process our experience and release the negative emotions from our past and move from a a sense of powerlessness and victimhood to powerful and energised.
The way we achieve this is through partly processing the past traumas that have hurt us, and shifting our perspective to a more positive and uplifting one.
We can also make this enjoyable by helping you to explore activities you find stimulating and inspiring, as well as therapeutic and restorative.
Sometimes depression is historic and linked to an early life experience that we may have repressed, or still be carrying as if we are still back there.

Often this can appear as the other side of depression.
For example a depressed person can feel anxious when confronted with an opportunity to engage socially in a way they have not done for a while.
It is also often present in dysfunctional working arrangements where employees and staff needs are not being met, and unsustainable
demands are being put on individuals.
Often a person will experience an increase in anxious symptoms but in many cases not know why this is.
A lot of my counselling and coaching work is around uncovering how the anxious symptoms are like warning lights telling us that something needs to change.
You might notice that inside you, your inner child is like a scared child trying to hide.
Breath-work can be a great way to take back control by getting our sense of self back into the body and getting balanced and grounded. Often we will not breath effectively or efficiently when we are anxious.
Learning how to communicate effectively can really help to relieve anxious feelings, as the feelings are often based on what we believe or imagine rather than reality. When we learn to ask with confidence, for what we need, this can help to shift anxiety.

Panic attacks-
Panic can be linked to unprocessed traumatic experience. This can include being assaulted either emotionally or physically. Sometimes we may feel psychologically harmed by someone who has power or responsibility over use like an employer or someone we trust in an intimate way.
In many of the cases I’ve worked on around panic symptoms, people can dread and fear the past repeating again, which is why it shows up as panic symptoms in the present.
This can lead to beliefs and presumptions about ourselves and others in our current environment.
Sometimes they may be partly true, but often it is a projection.

By speaking to those around us that we trust about our concerns and needs, can help to breakdown the disempowering panic symptoms. As we will often come up with new ways to being and working through this process.

Most of us don’t think a lot about how we communicate until we come to some sort of self development work. When we do we often find we tend to communicate in one or two simple ways that often happen unconsciously a lot of the time. 
We might learn that they don’t really help us to get our point across or feel heard or understood.
Parent. Adult .Child is a communication model from Transactional Analysis that can help us to explore which mode of communication we tend to use, as well as what we are experiencing from others.
As well as what we can do to change the dysfunctional communication in our lives.

Personality & character-
Our self identity and character can feel in crisis at worst, or integrated, balanced and whole, when at our best.
The ancient four elements model-earth, water, fire & air can be a really useful tool for exploring how we typically show up in any situation.
Are we a very earthy and consistently reliable colleague, or a fluid and watery, adaptable and accommodating friend.
Or would we like to be more assertive and efficient and make positive use of our inner fire.
Essentially this area of my coaching and counselling work helps clients to explore the sides of their identity they use the most. As well as which they would like to develop more of.

Focus and goals-
Many of the clients I’ve treated are experiencing difficultly staying focused, and deciding which goals to work on.
Often they are creative professionals who get stuck in certain unhelpful repetitive patterns like stagnation.
Through exploring what gets in the way of their focus and goals. Often  we will find procrastination, fear of failure or success even, and low self worth.
We can can put a strategy together to make success around achieving goals and staying present and focused more likely to happen.
One of the keys to this is balance, through regular breath practice and an activity that engages your body in a meaningful way you can learn about yourself from.

Almost everyone we know has relationship difficulties at times, with partners, friends, colleagues, and family.
Investing some time to explore what is going on for you and the other people in your life. By learning to consider other perspectives, this can really help to break through stuck relationship dynamics, and breathing new life into your relationships.

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What if?
The depression & anxiety many people
experience, is actually a healthy reaction
to many of the unhealthy circumstances people live under today

There’s nothing really wrong with how you are feeling; in fact it can be very useful information towards positive change

Paul Weeden

I came to working as a therapist through a love of working with people, a thirst for knowledge and a yearning to understand the mechanisms of the mind, emotions & the world we inhabit.
At the age of 31 I looked back at where I had put my attention mostly and had some serious regrets about the choices I had made. They had not helped me achieve my dreams or meet my expectations.
Learning about psychology and working as a counsellor in Sussex schools and the NHS helped me to understand people and the world a lot better, and helping professionals in London I saw how similar we all are in many ways.
Working through the past proved to not be enough and I found much of the training and personal therapy I received did not equip me to know how to live a balanced and happy life outside of the therapy & coaching arena.

Around 40 I was fed up with my daily physical aches and pains, and I discovered there might be more to them than just getting older. I became interested in ’embodiment’ – the mind/body connection. Many great master teachers had given me glimpses of this previously.
I revisited my interest and commitment to ancient practices such as karate and yoga. And I made an effort to dance more again, it’s a great way to loosen  joints and stiff muscles.
I also learned through somatic coaching that the body stores emotions at a cellular level, as well as a story about what we have been through, often leading to physical ailments. I’ve learned to ask myself, how am I breathing? Is it helping me, am I relaxed or tense?
I’ve also committed to my passion for making music as part of my life and I took on an MA in Music at University of Sussex.

Every week I train and study martial artists, inspired by people like Bruce Lee and I’ve committed to working towards achieving my 1st Dan black belt. As well as learning Systema Russian martial arts, a system based on breathing and relaxing under pressure.

Most recently I discovered the Wim Hof Method “The Iceman”
& Patrick McKeown’s The Oxygen Advantage

I took a workshop training with Tim Van der Vliet in Holland. Science backs up that these body and breath practices have the power to repair our autoimmune system, improve the quality of our blood cells and improve our mental health.

But most of all I have learned that most of the depression and anxiety I’ve seen in my clients is a normal response, like a warning light to our modern sedentary and often superficial lifestyles.

Repressing our true selves through fear of being rejected is not a healthy or fair way to live.

Fearing what your partner or colleagues really think of you or will do, if they knew who you really long to be.
Most of this is so subtle we don’t even notice we are playing this game most of the time.
As with any perceived cage – in order to break free from it, it will take – time, commitment & courage.

Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan said – ‘To become a man of knowledge we must first conquer – fear, clarity, power, and old ag

Personal & professional coaching

Mind & body practice for life.
Increase awareness, learn to relax, breathe fully & efficiently, have more fun & get fitter.
Bring meaning and purpose through personal interests into your work & personal life.
Learn to do what you do more efficiently & effectively.

- One-to-one sessions -
- Group workshops -

Embodiment Coaching – what is it & who can benefit?

Bringing mind & body into self development, counselling and coaching for professionals, athletes, martial artists, performers and musicians.
Most of us never learned how to breathe, if we don't breathe well everything else is more difficult.
It's hard to know what we need when we are overwhelmed and stressed, distracted or numbed out.
We can build balance into our lives, by learning to recognize the patterns when we get out of balance.
Are you typically earthy and grounded,but perhaps lacking spontaneity ?
or up in the clouds airy & dreamy but lacking strong roots and support ?
Could you make use of being more effective with your inner fire ?
Or would you like to learn to flow and adapt like water ?
We are more likely to feel fulfilled and able to meet our physical and emotional needs if we understand how our patterns and traits serve or limit us.
Most of our lives we run on fear rather than love and trust.
We mistakenly opt to play it safe rather than push and expand ourselves towards learning & growth.
This typically shows up as putting money & a sensible yet perhaps unfulfilling career before everything else.
Is it any wonder so many of us reply on medication caffeine & alcohol to get through the week ?

Integrating psychology modalities

humanistic counselling

Carl Rogers - the actualising tendency, the core conditions
Fritz Perls – non verbal communication, body awareness & cycle of experience

psychodynamic counselling

Sigmund Freud - the influence the past has on us through our unconscious thoughts & behaviour
Carl Jung - Archetypes; how the shadow & the persona impact on how we live

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Learn to replace outdated thinking with more constructive and helpful thoughts & communication
Aaron Beck -“If our thinking is bogged down by distorted symbolic meanings, illogical reasoning and erroneous interpretations, we become, in truth, blind and deaf”.

how this works


After first contact we agree to an assessment session to discuss your situation and needs


We then need to arrange a working agreement which will contain specifics of the initial
6 -12 sessions


We will agree the focus of the work, the content you wish to bring, and the goal & desired outcome


There will be homework in the form of reflecting on the sessions, keeping a journal on thoughts, feelings & relevant life events


Pricing Plans



Per one hour session

  • Assessment meeting £25
  • Agreed number of clinical sessions
  • Agreed suitable time & location
  • Working agreement including focus & desired outcome

mind/body coaching


Per two hour session

  • Assessment meeting £25
  • Agreed suitability for body & movement based work
  • Agreed suitable spacious location
  • Agreed area of self development for focus of work

Self development workshops


four half day sessions

  • Mood & state managment toolbox
  • Stop smoking easily & effectively for good
  • Communication skills for work & personal life
  • Mind body awareness & growth

Corporate & team building workshops –
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Come and explore how to

grow yourself

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